. . . what would it be? where would it be? would you eat? with whom?

New England

My Last Pint #22 – Rich Doyle of Harpoon Brewery

Rich Doyle

Rich Doyle is the co-founder/owner of Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon opened in Boston in 1986. An early east coast craft beer pioneer, Harpoon was created for a simple reason:

…we loved beer and wanted more good choices. While traveling in Europe after college, we drank many wonderfully diverse, fresh, local beers. We also saw firsthand how important local breweries were to their communities.

Not only do they make delicious beer, they also have one of the greatest logos in craft brewing:


I caught up with Rich at Austin’s Flying Saucer, where he was for the Saucer’s Hop Fest.

Thanks Rich!


My Last Pint #10 – Bryan Greenhagen

Photo: Mystic's Facebook page

Bryan Greenhagen is owner/founder of Mystic Brewing in Massachusetts. They are still in the planning , fund-raising and experimental phase of opening their brewery. They don’t have a building yet, but have already been building a strong brand and secured a head brewer as well. They bill themselves as “An urban high-gravity brewery by fermentation geeks from MIT in the Mystic River Valley of greater Boston, MA.” The test beers they have on their Facebook page do look delicious. Nice glasses too.

The Bruery

MLP: What would be the last pint of your life?
BG: Well, that’s why I am starting a brewery. But right now I think it just might be The Bruery Melange #3. At 17% ABV, a pint of that would certainly make the end less difficult (and it may very well be the best beer on earth, so..).


Photo: Wikipedia

What would be the setting for your last pint?
Brugge, Belgium.  Is someone going to push me out of the Belfry?


Orval Cheese

What would you eat with your last pint?
A braunschweiger sandwich with Orval cheese on pumpernickel with a spicy german mustard. Really though, this would  probably keep anyone from coming near me while at the top of the Belfry.


With whom would you drink your last pint?
My wife, Emily, of course. Though, if she is right there why doesn’t she stop me from falling out of the Belfry? This is all very disturbing.


Thanks Bryan!


My Last Pint #3 – Rob Tod

photo: Rob's Facebook

Really, is there a better American Witbier than Allagash White? Sure you may have your favorite, but you cannot deny Allagash’s is one of the top contenders. From their website:

From the very beginning, Allagash has strived to produce the finest Belgian-style and experimental ales this side of the Atlantic. It began as New England’s original Belgian-Style brewery and has grown into one of the industry’s most distinguished and well-respected brands.

And since 1995, when Rob Tod sold his first batch of Allagash, it has been just that and more, pushing the boundaries of American-Belgian styles.

Rob was recently in Austin. I was hoping to get a quick video with him, but after playing email tag we never actually met. Rob was kind enough to send along his answers anyhow:

photo: elmachuca

MLP: What would be the last pint of your life?
RT: Allagash White (seriously, that is the one I’d have!).


photo: Longyoung

What would be the setting for your last pint?
Out on a boat in Casco Bay


photo: kthread

What would you eat with your last pint?
Maybe steamers (steamed clams) since I’d be on Casco Bay


Pierre Celis

With whom would you drink your last pint?
I guess since it’s the “last beer” question, probably Pierre Celis… My inspiration for the White Beer!


Thanks Rob!