. . . what would it be? where would it be? would you eat? with whom?

grimm brothers

My Last Pint #43 – Don Chapman of Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Photo: Grimm Bro. Facebook

Sorry it has been so long since the last MLP (What is worse than a blogger apologizing for not posting frequently enough? Not much). I have been busy putting this together. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is located in Loveland, CO. Don Chapman is the president and head brewer at Grimm Brothers.


Photo: Perfesser

MLP: What would be the last pint of your life?
DC: A rich malty clean doppelbock.


Photo: jamtea

What would be the setting for your last pint?
During a spring sunset in Lindau, Germany overlooking lake Constance.


What would you eat with your last pint?
Nothing, I would just savor the beer.


With whom would you drink your last pint?
With my beautiful wife and daughter.

Thanks Don!